ESTA is the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry.


In this section you will find a variety of downloadable technical reports for general and public circulation and information.

ESTA's Annual review 2019

Download the latest ESTA Annual review here

ESTA's BPG for Abnormal Transport

SPMT best practice guide in six languages

Download different translations of ESTA's SPMT Best Practice Guide

English | German |  Polish |  French | Spanish  | Italian

Crane Capacity index [CCI]

Download the document “How to determine a Crane Capacity Index" UK|NL

Download a full overview of the Crane Capacity Index  here

ICSA Technical Documents

All technical ICSA documents developed with FEM can be found here

Health and Safety Offences

Special European Registration Trailer [SERT]

Permit-granting authorities often need more detailed vehicle information than available on the registration certificate. They may need additional information to check the compatibility of a vehicle with the specific requirements of the abnormal road transport. For instance when a heavy transport exceeds both maximum authorised total weight and axle loads.

Most countries have their own vehicle information documents for this purpose and most accept only these.

Full report and downloads

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